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. john kerry accuses russia of an act of aggression. anotherlls in kia after day of demonstration. ukrainians wave international eyes in protest. russia tightens its grip on the crimea. ♪ ukraine is on the brink of disaster. that is the stark message from the interim prime minister. russia's moves to take control crimea amount to a declaration of war. his government is calling up all of its military reserves and appealing for help. waskraine mobilizes, there another massive anti-russian rally in kiev. they echoed calls for international support. they also heard from the president of georgia in 2008 when they fought a brief war with russia. the most recent developments, ukraine's new government has sacked the head of the navy one day after appointing him and charged him with treason. he was shown on russian television reading out a statement in which he store -- swore allegiance to pro-russia forces. he has surrendered his headquarters in so the stopple -- sevastopol. we will correspondent and russia. we have this report on ukraine. soldiers wearing uniforms without insignia in h
of state john kerry is sitting down with russian foreign minister sergei laufer of. -- serge a laufer off. ready to give is ukraine a billion dollar aid package. are meeting onov the sidelines of the support meeting for lebanon aiming at helping the country better manage its security and the growing number of refugees from syria. the annual congress in china gets underway. the government is promising to transform the world's second-largest economy with steady growth and a 12% increase in spending. -- in defense spending. also coming up for you this hour on "france 24," just 100 days to go until the football world cup in brazil. but things there are far behind schedule. we will take a closer look to see just if it will all be ready on time. and karl lagerfeld gives his latest show a very commercial twist just returning paris' cash crunch into l.a. into a giant chanel market. latest on the ukraine -- the head of the european union executive arm says that the ee was ready to provide ukraine with $11 million -- 11 billion euros in aid, made up of loans and grants in the coming years. it comes
are gradually stepping up their response. john kerry says that moscow could be excluded from the g-8. politicalld prefer coming together. >> with pro-russian forces around the ukrainian military bases, the united states has used strong words to describe the tension there. >> russia has engaged in a military act of aggression against another country. >> john kerry says the united states may threaten economic sanctions against russia, including travel bans. >> russia they be able to evade crimea, but in the end, russia will isolate itself. there will be a cost to the economy of russia, costs to russian businesses, costs to russian individuals. >> you set to travel on tuesday she showed his support. is going over sanctions, analysts say that they will be worthless without similar moves from the european union. they are reluctant to follow suit. union'ss the european third-largest trading partner. europe is very dependent on those imports. russia supplies one third of their crude oil and natural gas needs, more than any other country. diplomatic efforts appear to have leaned towards dial
preparations for this year's g8 summit in sochi, russia. john kerry said the u.s. could impose sanctions to condemn putin's actions. >> russia will lose, the russian people will lose. you will lose all of the glow that came out of the olympics. a sochit going to have g-8. you may not even remain in the g8 if this continues. he may find himself with asset freezes on russian business, american business may pull back. there may be of further tumble money. >> moscow's main stock index tumbled 9%. we will have more on ukraine after the headlines. nearly 400 opponents of the keystone xl oil pipeline were arrested sunday in front of the white house, marking what could be the largest youth sit in on the environment in a generation. >> we are here to march to the white house and form one of the largest accessible disobedience for climate ever. hundreds of young people all came here from all over the country, 42 states, to show president obama the keystone xl is not ok and not in our national interest. than 80nts for more colleges rallied at georgetown university and then marched to the white hous
since the crisis in ukraine escalated last month. secretary of state john kerry is to meet with russian counterparts are a lover off on the sidelines of a meeting in paris. on tuesday, john kerry visited the ukrainian capital of kiev to show support for the government that replaced ousted russian -backed president viktor yanukovich. john kerry pledged around $1 billion in u.s. aid and warned russia of sanctions if it doesn't withdraw from crimea. >> if russia does not choose to de-escalate, if it is not willing to work directly with the government of ukraine as we hope they will, then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically, and economically. >> in addition to the $1 billion, the european union is set offer $15 billion aid package today to ukraine. on tuesday, unarmed ukrainian forces held a standoff with russian counterparts after marching on a russian position in crimea, demanding their withdrawal. the ukrainians ultimately pulled back after several h
interim prime minister. the col leg, john kerry, was busy seeking assurances from russia's foreign machine city there. >> i asked, specifically, that, sha work the united states and our friends and allies in record attorney support ukraine to rebuild unity, security and a healthy economy. and we also discussed the very tense situation. scrambling fighter jets and ordering military drill, the u.s. is concern had the, hin president holds all the cards to make the life difficult. foreign minister claimed; however, the military exercises were in related to the ongoing political transition but warned foreign powers against taking decisions on behalf of kiev. in london, the uropemmian allies were keen to make clear they were monitoring the rattling. we're particularly concerned buy the situation. every country should respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the ukraine. russia has made that commitment. it is important that russia keeps its word. the world will be watching. >> next to him, the german chancellor concerned she had spoken to president putin. she shares the shame view as
.s. secretary of state john kerry and assistant secretary of state victoria nuland, will both visit the ukrainian capital of kiev on tuesday. the u.s. defense department says it is suspending military exchange programs with russia. such contacts are aimed at reducing the chance of an emergency resulting from a misunderstanding. the announcement came as russia's president vladimir putin paid a surprise visit to inspect military exercises, in russia's western districts. they include areas near the border with ukraine. it was putin's first inspection of troops since he gained approval from the upper house to deploy forces in ukraine. representatives at the united nations security council held their third emergency meeting in four days. russia's ambassador criticized ukraine's government for trying to persecute ethnic russians. >> translator: the rights and freedoms of people in ukraine are being threatened. we would like to emphasize once again that the actions of our military are appropriate and legitimate. >> the u.s. ambassador dismissed the claims. samantha power said there's no da
foreign secretary william hague met with his u.s. counterpart john kerry in washington. he said the two nations strongly support ukraine's unity and territorial integrity. >>> u.s. government officials have ordered three venezuelan diplomats to leave the country. the move is in response to leaders in caracas expelling three americans last week. u.s. state department spokesperson jen psaki announced the decision. >> we have indicated and have indicated for months our openness to develop a more constructive relationship with venezuela, but, again, recent actions, including expelling three of our diplomats, continue to make that difficult. >> venezuelan president nicolas maduro removed the diplomats. he said they were supporting opposition plots to overthrow him. maduro's opponents have been organizing nationwide street protests. he took office last year succeeding hugo chavez, a prominent critic of u.s. policy. >>> u.s. president barack obama is warning that the u.s. may withdraw all its troops from afghanistan by the end of the year if the two countries fail to sign a security deal. the
. secretary of state john kerry warned moscow against any military intervention in ukraine. >> this is not a zero-sum game. it is not a west versus east. it should not be. it is not a russia or the united states or other choices. this is about people of ukraine and ukrainians making their choice about their future. >> reporter: nato defense ministers say they support ukraine's territory and sovereignty. ukrainian lawmakers will vote on approving the new cabinet later on thursday. but the new leaders will have to face severe domestic divisions. the country's ousted president is now on an international wanted list. the whole world is paying close attention to events in the former soviet republic. chi aki ishikawa, nhk world. >>> the head of nato is warning about another hot spot, afghanistan. the country's president hamid karzai has not agreed to let u.s. troops stay in his country beyond the end of the year. anders fogh rasmussen say they may have to wait to get approval from karzai's successor. >> it may well be that president karzai won't sign, but i hope, i expect a new p
. kerry says they talked about russia's ongoing large-scale military drills near the ukrainian border. he says lavrov assured him that the drills were planned earlier, and have nothing to do with the fast-moving events in ukraine. the russian foreign ministry says lavrov has called for the implementation of the february 21st agreement signed by ousted ukrainian president viktor yanukovych and the country's opposition. lavrov's remarks are seen as an expression of support for yanukovych and an indication of doubt over the legitimacy of ukraine's interim government, formed by political forces close to the u.s. and european countries. amid the current turmoil, yanukovych is reported to have taken refuge in russia. sources say he will speak to the media later on friday during which he'll outline his future plans. mitsuko nishikawa, nhk world. >>> and as the political uncertainty mounted, investors are pulling their money out of assets in ukraine's currency. the ukrainian currency is gaining some ground after plunging to a record low against the dollar. market players are speculating that the
kerry called russia's moves a brazen act of aggression. >> russia may be able to invade crimea, but in the end, russia will ice late itself. >> reporter: he said u.s. leaders are considering all options against russia, including economic sanctions. the group of seven industrialized nations, as well as the presidents of the european council, and the european commission, issued a statement condemning russia. it said the leaders are suspending participation in the preparations for a g-8 tum mitt meeting to be held in russia in june. >> translator: we believe that the g-8 countries cannot carry out meaningful discussions under the current circumstances. we are suspending participation in the preparatory meetings until we have a situation in which we can conduct significant deliberations. >> reporter: to try to defuse the situation, german chancellor angela merkel talked on the phone with putin. merkel called on him to stop the russian troops from engaging in activities outside their bases. she also proposed setting up a fact-finding mission to start dialogue. putin accepted that pr
are the headlines this hour. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is sitting down with russian foreign minister sergei laufer of. -- serge a laufer off. ready to give is ukraine a billion dollar aid package. are meeting onov the sidelines of the support meeting for lebanon aiming at helping the country better manage its security and the growing number of refugees from syria. the annual congress in china gets underway. the government is promising to transform the world's second-largest economy with
. >> secretary of state john kerry is meeting with interim leaders in ukraine today. earlier today, the ukrainian parliament approved a deal to receive 839 million dollars in loans from the european union, while russia's state gas company said it would cancel its discount for ukraine. the u.s. drone strike has reportedly killed at least three people in humans province to the town of shebwan. tribal sources said a drone hit the vehicle of a suspected al qaeda fighter, killing him and to other occupants. two civilians tending sheep nearby were would did. reportedly wounded. reuters reported there was a second drone strike in yemen, saying at least four people have been killed in the strikes. last week, european parliament voted overwhelmingly to condemn the drone strikes him a passing a resolution calls for member states to ban extrajudicial killings. the vote was 534 to 49. u.s. peace activist video benjamin says she was detained at cairo's airport by egyptian police who broke her arm and held her without explanation. benjamin had intended to meet up with international delegates before traveling t
. but scheduling too much activity isn't a good idea, either. kerry syed: i think that children, in general, are very little impressionable people. and as we go through childhood, you know, our parents make us do certain things-- "you need to be in soccer. you need to be in ballet. you need to do this," but they never think about, "does my child like this?" they think, "i just want you to be active." jennie trotter: most parents are working and then you have after school or then you have other obligations that the kids have, so what we're trying to let parents know, first of all, is to be able to say no. first of all understanding that your kids' agenda and schedule that you may have to say, "that's too much." we stress them in more ways than you can imagine. many kids start their day at before-school care at 7:00 in the morning. then school till 2:30 or 3:00, then after-school care till they finally get home between 5:00 and 7:00 in the evening and eat dinner and have that one hour that they're supposed to cram a whole day in with mom or dad, and then go to bed and do it again. in the more
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